Sunday, May 24, 2009

INTERVIEW: Denis Corboy: Wake Up! Another Russian War May Be Looming! (

Interview: Ketevan Khachidze (Georgian Times)

“Georgia cannot afford internal crisis at this particular time”

“I wish the international climate for Georgia was as good as the weather is today,” well-known diplomat Denis Corboy told me as I sat with him in the Courtyard Marriott on the fine spring afternoon of May 14. What we see from the hotel lobby windows is a perfect blue sky looking down on a row of improvised, dirty cells which have invaded Tbilisi’s Freedom Square. Mr. Corboy says the auguries are bad for Georgia.

After serving as the first EU Ambassador to Georgia Denis Corboy became particularly attached to the country. He is currently Director of the Caucasus Policy Institute at King’s College, London, and in this capacity closely follows the developments unfolding in the region. Moreover, Mr. Corboy is a member of the Board of the British-Georgian Society. In this interview with GT however he speaks as a private individual.

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