Monday, May 18, 2009

INTERNET: Georgia Times with News, Opinions, Artciles, Analysis, Interviews and Videos (

Today I find a website with different reports about Georgia. I have heard never before about this website. Maybe it is new. I will follow this site to made a concreate imagination for me. It would be interesting when the readers give me comments about this internet activities. It would be interesting to know who is behind this link.

Here is the website:


Anonymous said...

obviously a russian propaganda website, they use the name georgia times in order to confuse people, the similarity to a real georgian newspaper (the georgian times, striking

Maurice said...

I think the fact that there is no hint to the owners of the website or the authors of any of the articles makes clear that they have something to hide.
The whole content does not really sound like coming from georgia or been written by georgians. Especially the constant moaning about the non-recognition of the so-called sovereign republic of south ossetia by EU officials reveals the real authorship (Moscow).