Saturday, May 16, 2009

VIDEO ART: Rustavi Extravaganza. Staring Oleg Timchenko. Produced by Hans Heiner Buhr

Last year after the war beetween Russians, Georgians and other people I was together with Hans Heiner Buhr, Oleg Timchenko, Rusiko Oat, Lela Meparishvili, Otari Laliashwili, Murtaz Svelidze, Avto Meskhi and other people in Rustavi. Heiners Idea was to made an artistical short film about a russian soldier. This Russian Soldier was a long time looking for his big enemy. After more than 60 years he hunted out him in the mountains nearby the city Rustavi ... A sneakpreview can you see here. Next time more in the New Art Cafe in Tbilisi.


Nino said...

Russian soldier who looks like a Führer, interesting adaptation.

Inga Mikhaylova said...

Very disturbing and in my opinion offensive to portray this guy as Hitler. I missed the point how this is art!