Friday, May 29, 2009

CONCERT: The Shin: Georgian Music with Guitars on Tour in North America (

At first listen, The Shin may sound like your average rocking band from Georgia. After all, they play the good ol' strings from way down South. And, of course, the funky drums from up North. But listen closely and you'll catch the crunchy consonant clusters of the Caucasus instead of a Southern drawl.

The Shin flies in the face of the purist revival ensembles that dominate in Georgia today, tweaking staid notions of what it means to be traditional. Born and raised in a country famous for its elaborate vocal polyphony, The Shin's members have burst out with their own brand of scat-inspired by a traditional approach to singing the consonant-heavy Georgian language-and with a passion for South Indian and flamenco styles. Their hope: to dust the cobwebs off the gems of Georgian and Caucasian music and launch them into the wider world of today.

The Shin will tour the United States in late May, showcasing their approach to new Georgian traditions in music and dance. Concert cities include New York City, Washington DC, and Philadelphia.

Georgian music has experienced a passionate revival since the country's independence in the early 1990s. Many around the world are now hearing Georgian music for the first time, and most are enamored. In the last ten years amateur Georgian music ensembles have begun popping up all over the globe

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The Shin, 2009 North American Tour
05/29/2009, Fri: Washington, D.C., Rosslyn Spectrum Theatre
05/30/2009, Sat: New York City, NY, DROM
05/31/2009, Sun: Philadelphia, PA, Painted Bride Art Center

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The Shin - On Tiptoes.
Dranouter, Belgium, 05.08.2007

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