Monday, May 18, 2009

PRESS RELEASE: TUTARCHELA will celebrating their 5th anniversary in the Tbilisi State Conservatoire on 21th may 2009 at 7pm.

The Female Singer Choir TUTARCHELA from Rustavi celebrated many important concerts in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The Choir was popularized in Europe through the documentray film by Ruth Olshan „Like Air To Breath“. After this film and with the support from the music manager Utta Fritzsche, Ralph Hälbig and Olliver Jahn was the choir invited 2007 to the biggest world music festival in Germany in Rudolstadt (TFF Rudoldstadt – Before that the state television company WDR in Germany made records with this choir in the studio. Since this time had Tutarchela every year concert arrangments in Europe.
This year TUTARCHELA have an invitation to the STIMMEN-Festival Lörrach ( and in this autumn a concert in Paris.

Last year the concert tour in Germany and in Austria was supported from the Foreign Ministry and the Goethe-Institut in Germany.
TUTARCHELA gave a succesful solo-concert in may 2007 in Rustavi. There was a folk-theater-performance. In December 2008 performed TUTARCHELA a concert together with the Male Singer Choir ,,Me Rustveli". Both Choirs played the Christmas Convention from Georgia. (it's called ,,Alilo").
For the future the choir is planning tto bring the georgian tradition of christmas with a performance to Europe. Additional a new DVD and CD with new song versions will coming soon.
On the 21th may 2009 TUTARCHELA will celebrating their 5th anniversary in the Tbilisi State Conservatoire at 9pm, 8 Griboedov str., 0108 Tbilisi. (
In this Jahre founded the choir leader Tamar Buadze a second generation group from TUTARCHELA. Tamar Buadze have many plans for the future. The girls and women would like to creating a Folk-Theatre for celebrating a Georgian Wedding. The could be also interesting to bring the georgian culture in the world. Furthermore is TUTARCHELA adapting songs from Lazetien and planing an expedition for neighboorhord with Turkey.
Together with an initiative with Switzerland should be publishing of music notes of the repertoire of the songs from the choir. Aditional in the future should modern musician elements to enter in the programm.

Tamar Buadze / Utta Fritzsche / Ralph Hälbig
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