Friday, May 15, 2009

FESTIVAL: Tbilisi Open Air - Music Breaks Free! (

Three Days can you visit the Tbilisi Open Air Festival in Georgia. Start is today.

Fusion of styles, spirit of freedom, fantastic atmosphere of Open Air event, bands from all over the world, thousands of visitors, amazing venues, crazy parties… All these make Tbilisi Open Air an outstanding European music event!

Sites of Old Tbilisi blowing up with music, unique Festival City at Tbilisi Hippodrome and some of the best night venues of Tbilisi will welcome you to unforgettable performances and funky parties. Your time at Tbilisi Open Air will become a thrilling experience.

Tbilisi Open Air is a place where, in an atmosphere freed of all kinds of politics and social clichés, artists and music fans from Georgia and abroad will meet, fuse, exchange, learn, enjoy some great music and very special ambiance. Proudly, Tbilisi Open Air will be the first event of this scale and sophistication to take place in our part of the world to serve this purpose.

These three days we will spend together will turn our Festival into a formidable tradition and our acquaintance - into a friendship!

Tbilisi Open Air - Music Breaks Free from Irakli Matkava on Vimeo

May 15 – Old Tbilisi - Shardeni - 18pm

May 16 – Hippodrome - 16pm

May 17 – Hippodrome - 16pm

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