Monday, May 18, 2009

TBILISI OPEN AIR: What was the meaning of this Festival?

Yesterday I was the second time of the Tbilisi Open Air Festival on the former weekend. Today in the media you could find some articles about this event. At the time you can ask what should the this Open Air Spectacle and the spectacle of Eurovision meaning for the official discussion. Undoubted both were political musicians events. Also Mikhail Saakashvili was to see near the stage yesterday. On the screen I could him see very smiling. This smiling was also for the Television. Twice things are interesting: In my oppinion it should be a media pressure to the opposition which fight with blockaded streets in Tbilisi for the resign Saakashvilis and in secound it is a answer to the political modivation of the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow from which Georgia was banned.

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Some Photos by Ralph Haelbig

Some Photos by Gela Bedianashvili

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