Thursday, May 28, 2009

PHOTOGRAPHY: Georgian Desert. By Arnaud Contreras.

A cross in the Georgian Desert. November 2008. Outside church in the middle of nowhere.
© Arnaud Contreras

On the road to David Gareja monastery complex, we've found a village called "Desert", near the Azerbaijan border, in Georgia.
One month before the air was full of this cyberwar surounding the country. One month after, everything seems calm, back to the time of heritage.

There are also a documentary to listen to photographers talking about Georgia. After a trip to Georgia, I wanted to hear testimonies about this country. Situated in a geographic buffer zone between Russia, Turkey and Iran, Georgia has always been a crisis area, but after the two weeks I spent overthere, I wanted to continue my relation with this place. I asked some photographers to offer me their impressions about georgian people.
After few weeks, we decided to make an exhibition of our works, to celebrate Georgia.This documentary was presented to celebrate the 25th birthday of the link between Nantes and Tbilissi, at the Cosmopolis galery.
Runtime: 26 min Copyright : 2005

Directed by : Arnaud Contreras
Production : À 360 Productions
Editing : Nicolas Clabault

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