Sunday, May 24, 2009

MUSIC: Female Choir Celebrates Its 5th Anniversary. By Tamar Kikacheishvili. (

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Before the concert in the State Conservatory of Tbililsi I visited the Female Singer Chor Tutarchela in Rustavi. I took this photos from the rehearsal in the music school. The journalist Tako Kikacheishvili was coming also to the concert. After this event she wrote the following article in Georgia Today.
I met her after the concert and she explained me that Nana Shanidze was exciting for her:

Nana Shanidze is a member of the choir, who never wears a dress at the concerts. She is always dressed in man’s national dress, called a “chokha”, and also sings songs from the men’s repertoire. “Often after the concerts, people ask me if I am a man or woman because of my style on the stage, and because of the songs and dances I perform... I think that women can also sing these songs, and I think that I do it well,” Shanidze said. Shanidze is also from Rustavi, she is married, and the mother of a 9 year old boy.

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