Wednesday, July 25, 2012

EXHIBITION. Lulu Dadiani in the TBC Gallery (

Personal Exhibition of Lulu Dadiani was opened in TBC Gallery. More than 30 paintings were exhibited which were painted by Lulu Dadiani from 1990.

Lulu Dadiani is a famous Georgian painter. She is the author of many personal exhibitions in Georgia as well as in Europe. She is also a book illustrator. The books illustrated by Lulu Dadiani are as follows: Prose collections by Rainer Maria Rilke (V books), Henry Von Ofterdingen by Novalis, etc.


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It has been already four year that the building of TBC Bank in addition to being a head office of the bank, successfully holds the function of one of the cultural centres of Georgia.  In TBC Gallery located in the building of the TBC Bank head office various cultural events are held. Among those events are presentations of new books, movies, audio discs, exhibitions of paintings and photos, and various performances. Tens of thousands of people come to visit the events held in TBC Galleries and this significantly contributes to the popularization of Georgian art.

Currently “TBC Gallery” is also open in two other cities of Georgia Batumi and Signagi and is expanded annually. This way we try to help artists from regions and give them an opportunity to expose their works to public. 


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