Thursday, May 16, 2013

GeoAir: Public Discussion Regarding Cultural Policy in Tbilisi (

GeoAIR ( In the frame of SPACES project GeoAIR is organizing a public meeting-discussion regarding cultural policy. Namely, about the changes, work and programs in last six months at the Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia.

Adress: G. Chubinashvili National Research Center for Georgian Art History and Heritage Preservation. 9 Atoneli str. 0105 Tbilisi.
The following themes will be discussed:
· rethinking the function of the Ministry of Culture
· institution of recommendations council
· presentation of new staff
· the priorities and strategies of the Ministry
· discussion of existing problems in several cultural sphere
· goal of international programs
· criteria for choosing supported projects

The meeting will be moderated by Sophia Kilasonia- Art historian, journalist

Theona Dolenjashvili- advisor of the Minister of Culture and Monument Protection
Badri Bagration-Gruzinski – Daputy Minister of Culture and Monument protection (Current Events and Regional Programs Division)
Lali Pertenava – Art historian, member of the ccommittee for international projects
Levan Avalishvili - IDFI (Institute for Development of Freedom of Information - had of board / project director)

Project is realized in the frame of the EU project SPACES.

This project is funded by the European Union through the Eastern Partnership Culture Programme.

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