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ART: Artisterium VI in Tbilisi, Georgia (

( The concept, proposed by the creative group (students, artists, curators) is considered as the cultural process, appropriate to the creativity of the art academy’s teaching process and generally, to an artistic scene, the one, where the significant facet of the country’s cultural politics is defined. The architecture of the exhibition project’s content “Me and your freedom”, with its progressive world disposition impulse and the instinct of searching for the self-identity, is organically corresponding with the “Artisterium” idea.

The exhibition curator: Nino Gujabidze

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Artisterium VI

4-14 October, 2013, Tbilisi, Georgia

Am I You?

The only difference between me and you are the choices we make.

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The Artisterium VI, the annual international contemporary art exhibition and series of public art events, opens in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi on October 4th, and runs through October 14, 2013. 

“Artisterium” is an evolving curatorial platform. Each year its overall theme always responds to prevailing social concerns, such as alternative ways of development (“Modus Operandi – in Quest of a Different Way”, 2008), changes within general and personal levels (“The Manifest of Changes and an Inner Experience”, 2009), artistic reflections on re-envisioning the future (“Imagine the Future”, 2010), the willingness to embrace open-ended subjects as a way to critically engage with important social, political, urban, private and aesthetic issues (“Free Fall”, 2011) and research artistic and theoretical reflections on a wide range of PROTEST (“The Protest that Never Ends”, 2012).

The theme of the Artisterium 6 / 2013 is “Am I You?” Acceptance of the unfamiliar is a crucial aspect of today’s life. There are many kinds of philosophical, social and psychological theories to describe our relationships to minorities, other nations, other religions, or people who think differently – The Other. In the words of Jacques Derrida, “the other can never be understood as presence, but only with concepts like traces and exteriority. He has completely broken with the phenomenological metaphysics of presence — the other can never be understood in a theoretical act, but only by means of ethical responsibility: I take responsibility for the other.” The uneasiness of this kind of responsibility triggers moments of cultural misunderstanding, religious, territorial or personal conflicts. 

The theme takes as its source of inspiration a performance by the Georgian artist Iliko Zautashvili “Am I You?” (1998). In the performance the artist uses four participants divided into two pairs and asks them to make attempts at understanding each other. However obstacles are placed between them, like an eye bandage that limits vision while the pair touches each other. In another case the participants recite texts in different languages simultaneously. The work shows the impossibility of communication when fixed within one’s own language, the formality of words and cultural or behavioral stereotypes. It also explores the difficulty in discovering a mutual understanding even when the information is purely sensual.

The Artisterium 2013 theme of “Am I You?” encourages participants to research the phenomena of the Other and the ecology of our relation and responsibility to the Other. We wish to explore possible ways of coexisting with unfamiliar, different or even disagreeable ideologies and lifestyles, while at the same time calling for participation, understanding and empathy. Through the year’s theme we hope to reveal modes of exploring the influence that shape our connections to divers thoughts and attitudes – and even the life forms – living next to us on this planet

Magda Guruli

Tbilisi State Academy of Arts
Griboedov Str. #22, 0108 Tiflis

Artisterium 6/2013 (Programm)
October 4, Friday.
Georgian National Museum, I. Grishashvili Tbilisi History Museum, 8 Sioni Str.
18:00 – “Am I You?”, opening of the Artisterium 2013.
19:00/21:00 – performance program: Iliko Zautashvili “Am I You?” / Georgia, Ledoh
“Heartland Performance”, Jennifer Hicks “A Street Alone” / USA.

October 5, Saturday
Goethe Institute, Georgia, 16 Zandukeli Str.
16:00 – Julia Charlotte Richter, presentation / Germany.
G.Leonidze State Museum of Georgian Literature, 8 Chanturia Str, second floor.
17:00 – “Pyramids”, Guela Patiashvili / France.
G. Leonidze State Museum of Georgian Literature, 8 Chanturia Str, Gallery “41 Degree”.
18:00 – „A little further from there“, Junichiro Ishii, Masaru Iwai, Rumiko Hagiwara / Japan.
Center of Contemporary Art– Tbilisi, 10 D. Abashidze str.
20:00 – Frances Belser, Eva Wandeler "beyond or a head of us", Pascal Häusermann "Walking
an Oriental Line" (Rustaveli - Samgori) / Switzerland.

October 6, Sunday.
Georgian National Museum, S. Janashia Georgian Museum (Auditorium), 1 Purtseladze str.
12:30/16:00 – “Difference Screen”, international program of artists’ film and video, Day I
Mtatsminda Park, Underwheel.
17:00 – “Meeting Place - Underwheel”, Mtastminda Park’s Art Studio artists’ exhibition.

October 7, Monday.
Georgian National Museum, S. Janashia Georgian Museum (Auditorium), 1 Purtseladze str.
14:00/17:00 – “Difference Screen”, international program of artists’ film and video, Day II
Europe House, Freedom Square 1.
18:00 - Ledoh, Jennifer Hicks, “Heartland Installation” / USA.

October 8, Tuesday.
Georgian National Museum, S. Janashia Georgian Museum (Auditorium), 1 Purtseladze str.
14:00/18:00 – “Difference Screen”, international program of artists’ film and video, Day III
A. Kutateladze Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, 22 Griboedov str.
19:00 – “Me and Your Freedom”, exhibitions of the academy students and alumni.

October 9, Wednesday.
Goethe Institute, Georgia, 16 Zandukeli Str.
17:00 - Nezaket Ekici, presentation / Germany, Turkey.
18:00 – “Museum Hours”, Goethe Institute program, Director of the Krakow Contemporary
Art Museum / MOCAK, Maria Potocka / Poland.
Gallery “Conteiner”, 10g Radiani Str.
20:00 – “Itching”, Georgian contemporary photography. Performance - DJ Sikha.

October 10, Thursday.
Georgian National Museum, I. Grishashvili Tbilisi History Museum, 8 Sioni Str.
18:00 - “In-Relation: Floating Ourselves”, performance, Nezaket Ekici / Germany, Turkey,
Shahar Marcus / Israel.

October 12, Saturday.
Gala Gallery, 27 Atoneli Str.
18:00 – “Jump”, Murtaz Shvelidze / Georgia, parallel project of the Artisterium.
Oat Gallery / New Art Union, Betlemi District, 14 Silamazis Line, up by stairs.
19:00 – “A Hole in My Heart”, Natalia Mali / Russia, UK.

October 13, Sunday.
Mtatsminda Park, Underwheel.
18:00 – Mtatsminda Park’s Art Studio charity auction.

October 14, Monday.
Georgian National Museum, D. Shevardnadze National Gallery.
18:00 – Anatomy of the Georgian Melancholy, Lado Pochkhua / USA, Georgia.
(The exhibition “Anatomy of the Georgian Melancholy” runs until November 14, 2013).

Admission’s free

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