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ART: Jörg Herold will be the Artist in Residence in Tbilisi (

10 day workshop on theme ethnology - 21.10- 31.10. 2013
Jörg Herold, Bergwacht (Schwerin)
( Jörg Herold was born in Leipzig in 1965. He studied painting in Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig and in Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee.

Jörg Herold, Ushba

Jörg Herold, as a documentary archaeologist (as he refers to himself) researches memories. As a contemporary, purposely he searches for utilizing memories in various mediums: painting, installation, sculpture, film. After travelling to the real and unreal worlds of memories, his installations, films, paintings are created. The function of documentary archaeology is to show the possibilities of memories to the future and underline the conflict between ethical and aesthetic representations.

Jörg Herold has been awarded with various prices, including: Leipziger Volkszeitung, 1999 and Kunstpreis der Stadt Wolfsburg, 2005. He is exhibitied in various museums and art institutions (Museum der Bildende Künste Leipzig, Heydt-Museum Wuppertal, Staatlichen Museum Schwerin, Galerie der Stadt Wolfsburg,Kunstverein Bielefeld). Also, he has participated in numerous international exhibitions, such as: Venice Biennial (1995); Documenta X (1997); exhibition dedicated to 40 years of video art at Leipzig Fine Art Museum; South Korea Seongnam Arts Center and LEEAHN Gallery (2012).

From 1985, Jörg Herold works with Gallery EIGEN + ART, which presents him occasionally in Leipzig and Berlin.

GeoAIRThe GeoAIR residency program is a self directed residency program, that offers primarily curators and cultural producers the opportunity to base themselves in Tbilisi and use this location as a starting point to build networks, meet artists, cultural institutions and curators from the Caucasus region, and develop and deepen their knowledge and research of the Caucasus context. In return local artists, curators and organizations will have the opportunity to extend their knowledge about the innovative ways that many international curators are working. GeoAir has designated her residency mainly for curators or cultural producers because it feels that they are most able to affect multiplier effects through exchange and production and are more equipped to use the residency as a platform from which to jump for to instigate future collaborations between the resident and artists and organizations form the Caucasus region. The aim of GeoAIR is to encourage different ways of thinking about and approaching issues of artistic and professional development, dialogue, exchange, and research within the Caucasus context. GeoAIR offers a dynamic residency model designed around tapping into the regional context of the residency. The program encourages the resident to delve into his/her perception of this context and to revisit their perception and question it. This is viewed as mutually benefiting for the curator’s repertoire and professional development in general and for the region’s exposure to new artistic experiences.

GeoAIRTechnical information:
GeoAIR assists in the realization, investigation and conception of new productions and research through connecting the resident with the suited organizations, curators, artists, venues and research opportunities in relation to the proposed project. GeoAIR’s flexible platform enables the program and the resident to work with a wide variety of partners on innovative project collaborations. In addition GeoAIR offers a substantial archive that sets out to map the art activity within the Caucasus region, and asks from each resident to contribute to this database. In this archive one will find artists, curators, writers and organizations who have contributed to past and current GeoAIR projects and initiatives and additional information about the GeoAIR network and activities in the Caucasus including catalogues, reviews, artist portfolios, art magazines and other publications. The database reflects the history of people and places that, in the end, define GeoAIR and outlines the potential of the region and its future possibilities.

GeoAIRStudio information:
This program is managed on a not-for-profit basis. Residents will receive their own housing (50qm) and office-style studio (10qm) with access to all GeoAIR facilities including the archive. The program provides residents access to the vast GeoAIR network that includes individuals spanning different disciplines, professions, and regions. GeoAIR provides residents with all the necessary support and connections to help them achieve their proposal and research goals primarily in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. A related community based network can provide professional and personal support to the artists.

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Address (residency first)
Brother Zubalashvili 56A
Tbilisi 0108
Contact info
Georgian, English

Residents are expected to make at least one public presentation of their work or related topic for Georgia public.

Residents are asked to look for their own funding. GeoAIR assists them in this and provide invitation letters.

GeoAIR does not propose a set program or conditions. Instead GeoAIR is responsive to ideas and opportunities that emerge from our network and proposed resident projects. The term self directed residency reflects this approach.
Application for GeoAIR Residency Program, must be made by submitting the completed application form to the e-mail:

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