Monday, April 06, 2009

BOOK REVIEW: A Deadly Time Brought to Life (

The Washington Post
April 5, 2009 Sunday
Regional Edition

A Deadly Time Brought to Life

by Chris Bohjalian

By Grigoris Balakian
Translated by
Peter Balakian
with Aris Sevag
Knopf. 509 pp. $35

Last month, while I was visiting my father in Florida, we had dinner one night with my aunt. We were discussing the way Jim Jones had
poisoned 900 of his followers with cyanide-laced Flavor Aid in 1978, and suddenly my aunt was explaining that another way to poison someone
is with a yogurt smoothie. "That's how the Turks poisoned your grandmother's classmates in Constantinople in 1915," she said. "They
poisoned the tahn."

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