Wednesday, June 10, 2009

EXHIBITION: The Contemporary Art Club presents exhibition “Stop waiting Georgia” (

The exhibition opening on Friday , June 12, 2009 , 6:00 pm and run through June 19, 2009 at Tbilisi Historical Museum – Carvasla.
( 8, Sioni Str. 0105 Tbilisi Georgia. Tel: 92 32 27)

In august after aggressive actions of Russian military forces stressful and depressive condition and the nihilism is still strong in wide society of Georgia.
The aim of the exhibition is actual art should transform vital images by its artistic-aesthetic concept, making a strong social impact, so as the notion of actuality obtains new sense, where any action of an artist is directed to involve psychologically and emotionally the Georgian society in the rehabilitation process of the country after war.

participating artists :
Irina Gabiani, Sophia Cherkezishvili, Thea Telia, Maka Batiashvili, Levan Kakabadze, Erna Dolmazova, Liza Osephaishvili, Nino Biniashvili, Oleg Timchenko.

Alexandra Gabunia and Nino Gujabidze



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10.00 – 18.00

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