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FILM: Transkaukazja 2009 - Short Film Contest! (

The Other Space Foundation announces a contest for the best short movie filmed in the Caucasus. All submissions are due on or before June 24, 2009.

More information:

The aim of the contest is to select the best short film during the Transkaukazja Film Festival. The winner will be selected by the audience.


1. Everyone (individuals/companies) is welcome to enter the competition.
2. Movie has to be filmed in the Caucasus.
3. Each candidate can submit up to 3 movies.
4. The length of each movie cannot be longer than 15 minutes.
5. A candidate can use any technique for filming.
6. All the work has to be submitted on DVDs (PAL).
7. Every DVD has to be clearly labeled with:
- Title of the movie,
- Place and year of the production,
- Author's first and last name,
- Author`s age and country of residence.
8. Taking part in this competition provides The Other Space Foundation with the right to show the work during the festival.


Movie has to be filmed in the Caucasus .
Organizers will choose the best movies among all entries.
The best movie will be selected by the festival audience.

Deadlines and conditions of submission:
All works have to be sent in by July 24th, 2009 with a postscript "Short Film Contest - Transkaukazja 2009" to the one of the following addresses:


TUTU Children's Cultural Centre
127 Narimanov Ave (former Sovetski Street), Apt 41
Crossroad with Mirzaga Aliyev Street Baku,
Azerbaijan AZ1006 (012) 5106010
Monday-Saturday: 11-17


New Art Cafe (for Rusiko Oat)
Orbeliani str. # 31 (near Kolmeurneobis moedani)
Telephone (32) 987544 Tbilisi, Georgia
Monday-Sunday: 12-24


AICA Armenia, ARTS NEWS (for Eva Khachatrian)
Arshakunyac 2, 13th floor
Yerevan 0010, Armenia
Telephone: +3741 0 54.09.76
Monday-Saturday: 12-18


The Other Space Foundation (Fundacja Inna Przestrzeń)
Kompleks Szkoły Łazarskiego ul. Świeradowska 43 pok. 668
02-662 Warszawa (sektor F, 6 piętro)
Telephone: +48 (0) 22 425 8747
Skype: inna.przestrzen

Along with the work author should also send in a signed statement (if under 18, signed by parent or guardian) giving the organizers permission to show/promote the work during the Transkaukazja festival.

Contest results:

The contest results will be announced on 5th July 2009 during the Film Festival, and on 6th July 2009 on Transkaukazja website:

The best movies will be shown to Warsaw audience during Transkaukazja Film Festival.

, Beata Szczesniak

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