Saturday, June 27, 2009

ARTIST: Vladimir (Lado) Oniani (

Sofia Babluani sent me this informations and the link about the artist Lado Oniani:

1988 – Took part in the exhibition at the children gallery of Helen Ahvlediani. The pictures from 1986 to 1988. Graphic.

1991 - The personal exhibition in the gallery of H. Ahvlediani. The exhibition material is published in the magazine "Drosha". The 9th issue of September. The exhibition material was on Tbilisi TV. The pictures from 1988 to 1991. Graphic.

1993 - Took part in the competition "My flying apparatus", took the first prize. Graphic.

1994 - Fulfilled the playbill and the type for the play "Faust" at the pantomime theatre. Graphic.

1995 - Took part in the exhibition organized by "Caucasian house". Graphic.

1996 - Fulfilled the costume drafts for the play "Don Juan" at the pantomime theatre. Graphic.

2000 - Drew Russian ABC

2000 - Drew the illustration to the children book "The sun – my mother" publishing house "Caucasian house". Graphic.

2001 – Took part in always-acting exhibition and sale at the international art center. Painting and graphic. The pictures from 1993 to 2001.

2002 - Create the cartoon "The Boy and the Death". Painter, author of the poems, text and scenario, composer and director. The premiere took place at the move house in Georgia 21/05.

2001 – Finished Georgian academy of the humanitarian arts. The qualification: graphic artist, illustrator.

2002 - Drew the illustrations to George Kuchishvili's poem, for the book "20th century's poetry – My life, my motherland". Publishing house "Zizinatela". Graphic.

2002 - Drew the Georgian erotic ABC for the independent organization "Culture: Synthesis and symbioses – ER.MUS." and drawing for the actions "Parallel city" and "Modern myths". Graphic.

2002 - 31/05 showed the cartoon "The boy and the death" at the "Vanguard and underground films festival" at the theater basement of Tbilisi. The cartoon was also shown in Germany. Drew the playbill for the "Vanguard and underground films festival".

2002 – 13/06 showed the cartoon "The boy and the death" at the modern art festival in Kiev.

2002 - Published his own book of poems and drawings "Asymmetric facets" publishing house "Metsniereba".

2003 – From 23 March to 6 April. The personal exhibition in the Shalva Amiranashvili state art museum of Georgia. Graphic, collage, painting, animation film, presentation of the poem's book "The asymmetric facets".

2003 – For the execution of the originally graphical compositions and for the personal exhibition was rewarded with the International Association of Georgian Art "Pegasus" diploma.

2003 - Became a member of Tbilisi artist Union 2003 – Took part in the exhibition, organized by the Georgian Culture, International Culture and Tbilisi artist Union, which was dedicated to the Liberty of the USA.

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