Monday, June 22, 2009

NEWS: 19 Jun 09 | Caucasus Reporting Service 498 (

Bid to Repopulate Karabakh Fraught With Problems
Authorities offer incentives for refugees to return, but little grows on their land and employment prospects are grim. By Lusine Musaelian in Stepanakert (CRS No. 498, 19-June-09)
Georgia’s Religious Battles
Dispute over Catholics’ use of Orthodox church highlights problems faced by Georgian minority faiths. By Fati Mamiashvili in Tbilisi (CRS No. 498, 19-June-09)
Azeri Internet Blues
Azerbaijan’s web users claim censorship and poor quality of service. By Maharram Zeynalov in Baku (CRS No. 498, 19-June-09)

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