Monday, June 08, 2009

BLOG: Research project “The Revitalisation of Traditional Law in the Republic of Georgia. (

Dr. Stéphane Voell and Elke Kamm - there first research period in Georgia is approaching. They booked a flight on the 4th of July to Tbilisi. Then will start their 3 months field research, which they will be complete next year with an additional 8 months research. In the first weeks they will visit the different places their Georgian colleagues Natia and Lavenrenti propose as their main research sites. These are places in Kvemo Kartli or in neighbouring regions.

The Volkswagen Foundation gave the reaearch group a sign, that their research project “The Revitalisation of Traditional Law in the Republic of Georgia” might well be approved. All were all very enthusiastic about the good news. For years the reaearcher was planning this research project. At the moment Stéphane Voell did send the last version to the foundation in January 2008 he really did not expect that the application might be successful. Stéphane Voell did not think, that his project was bad. But since 2003 he was working on different versions that he presented at various institutions, but without much success.

Shortly after the so-called “cease fire”
the research project was approved.

Here is the blog:

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Das ist wirklich nett Infos über Georgien in die Traditionelle Law.I wirklich weiß nicht, wie es vor dem Lesen Sie diese schöne article.But weiß, dass ich über sie wissen sehr gut weiter so.