Sunday, May 03, 2009

TRAVEL BOOK: Murderers in Mausoleums. By Jeffrey Tayler.

As Jeffrey Tayler points out in his new book Murderers in Mausoleums: Riding the Back Roads of Empire Between Moscow and Beijing, we hear a whole lot about Moscow and Beijing in the news these days - and thousands more tourists visit each city every month - but we don’t hear much at all about the places in between.

From the vantage point of someone who has lived in Russia since 1993, and can speak Russian, Turkish and enough Mandarin to chat with locals along the way, Tayler set out on a journey to figure out what’s going on in the twenty-first century version of these places in between. He traveled from Moscow across the Caucasus, through Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan and on through northern China to Beijing - an overland trip of some 7,200 miles.

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