Thursday, June 04, 2009

EDUCATION: Free Georgian Language courses- distance learning at Univ of Malmo. (

Please pass along so the course will not be cancelled!

I'm passing along an appeal from Manana Kock-Kobaidze, who teaches Georgian langugage distancelearning courses at Malmö University in Sweden. Georgian I, which is usually taught every semester, is threatened with closure in fall 2009: the University has raised the minimum enrollment from 25 to 35. If Georgian I is cancelled this fall, there is a risk that it will be cancelled for further semesters too.

I have taken Georgian I and can recommend this course highly to anyone looking for a solid and manageable introduction to Georgian, and to thosewho are working through more comprehensive textbooks (e.g., Aronson's or Hewitt's) that are challenging to self-study. The course is well thought out in its material (logically ordered themes, limited grammar information) andthe means of teaching it (a combination of on-line self-check andteacher-corrected exercises). It is taught entirely on-line, and Dr. Kock-Kobaidze is very accessible and responsive, through e-mail and optional
Skype sessions.

The course is also *FREE* (once enrolled, one mustwife-transfer a small fee, SEK200 or about US$26, to join the Malmö Student Union), and a nice way to meet other learners from around the world.

The deadline for so-called late application is 28 August.

The official site of the course is

There is a link to the application at this site.
Information about the course and a link to theapplication are also found here:

Please email Dr. Kock-Kobaidze with any questions:

Please pass this information on to any interested colleagues or students. Thanks for your consideration!


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