Friday, June 05, 2009

MUSIC: Georgian Version. Rock/Indie-Band from Kutaisi (

Group GEORGIAN VERSION was founded in 2002. the idea of establishing the group belongs to brothers Irakli and Tornike Katsadze. First the members of the group were: Irakli Katsadze (guitar), Tornike Katsadze (bass guitar), and Levan Bandzeladze (drums). Later Mari Butskrikidze (vocal) joined the group. Now the group is without drummer and the concert they are presented with different drummers. Group GEORGIAN VERSION participated in several Georgian Rock Festivals. Now group members are busy with demo versions of their own songs and making a new website. The musical orientation of the group is Alternative and Indie. The members of the group like such groups as: RHCHP, radiohead, soundgarden, the cranberries, smashing pampkins, rage against the machine ...

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