Thursday, June 04, 2009

ARICLE: The Propaganda Machine (

In this article you can read a small break about the russian prophaganda machine. The leader of Russian have got a Kremlin 2.0 project called It is a ideological project above all for the younger generation. There are a video about the uprising 1989 in Tbilisi - it should be organizing from the CIA.
Foreign Policy” this week posted a nice little piece about a Kremlin 2.0 project called, a project of Kremlin-connect spin doctor Gleb Pavlovsky that is intended “to make the Kremlin’s increasingly unappealing ideological package relevant to the younger generations.” (And speaking of Georgia, when I opened today they were featuring on the homepage a nice little video called “The Battle for History: Georgia 1989” that blames the anti-Soviet uprising in Tbilisi in 1989 on the CIA.)

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