Thursday, August 09, 2012

CALL: Stories & Essays On Your Life Experiences Here In Georgia

Tatjana Montik would like to publishing a book about Georgia ... please send her articles for her project or made contacts for this ...

Dear megobarebo,

who of you is interested to contribute your stories/essays on your life experiences here in Georgia?

I am working on a book project, where expats share their attitudes and life experiences about living here.

Possible topics could be as follows:
• Certain aspects of life in Georgia (eating and drinking habits, special events like weddings, funerals and holidays; friendships, marriages, divorces, etc.),
• Certain places the author has visited, which were a special and unforgettable experience,
• Certain specific situations of daily life, which the author experienced and which was funny/sad/strange due to cultural differences between the author and his/hers Georgian counterparts.

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Rechts: Tatjana Montik
I am sure lots of you have already written something on it, even if it was only for your friends or family members.

Please don’t hesitate to forward your stories. I am convinced that Georgia needs book (or maybe even more?) like this.

I am also looking for a good translator from Russian into English to work on this project. Unfortunately this job can be paid only after I find some sponsors to support this project. In order to do so I need some more sample stories in addition to those I already have.

Hoping to get your responds very soon,
Tatiana Montik 



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