Wednesday, August 08, 2012

RESEARCH: Caucasian Georgia - a Bridgehead or a Stronghold of the Modern Geopolitical Games.

( Geopolitical role of Caucasia and Georgia in history and modern time.

A Look from the Historical Perspective
[p. 134]

If we throw a glance through the main - Eurasian - part of theEastern Hemisphere we can easily find Transcaucasia, located between twoseas. It has quite an extraordinary, I dare say, even central position on theHemisphere. In the north of it, across the Great Caucasian Range, is situatedtypical northern country - Russia, in the south - genuine Middle EasternTurkey and Iran, in the west the Black Sea divides it from Eastern Europe,and in the east - the Caspian Sea from Central Asia.

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