Wednesday, August 08, 2012

PHOTOGRAPHY: South-Ossetia by Sergey Maximishin

Burnt school in one of the Georgian enclaves. South Ossetia, 2009

Pentecostals listen to preacher in a cellar of former synagogue. Tshinvali, South Ossetia, 2009

Municipal orphanage, Tshinvali, South Ossetia, 2009

Sergey Maximishin grew up in Kerch, in Crimea. In 1982, he entered the Faculty of Physics & Mechanics of the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute, Department of Experimental Nuclear Physics. In 1985–1987, he served in the Soviet Army as a photographer of the Soviet military experts group (Cuba). After graduation, he worked at the Laboratory of Scientific & Technical Expertise of the State Hermitage. In 1996, he was matriculated to the Press-photographers Department of the Saint Petersburg Union of Journalists. In 1999, he began to work for the newspaper “Izvestia”, in the same year Maximishin became a full-time employee of “Izvestia”.

Since 2003, Sergey Maximishin has been working with the German agency “Focus”.



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