Monday, September 24, 2012

CALL: Global Voices Seeks Caucasus Editor (

( Global Voices (GV) is seeking a part-time Editor to oversee our ongoing coverage of citizen media in the Caucasus.

The Editor will direct Caucasus coverage and recruit and coordinate volunteer contributions. The Editor will produce and/or edit several in-depth stories per week, as well as shorter posts linking and pointing to important topics, events, and writing as it occurs. The work will involve translation, analysis, and editing, to elucidate and identify trends, ideas, and social and political currents about the region's citizen media.

The Editor will be chiefly responsible for providing as broad and complete coverage as possible of citizen media of the Caucasus, as follows:

Recruiting: recruiting authors to cover the countries in their region; for managing authors’ output and editing and publishing posts; and maintaining a regional Google Group.

Posting to the Global Voices web site:

2-3 posts per week. These can either be written by volunteer authors or the Editor, in recognition of the fact that some posts (especially those which need to be translated) require substantial editing.
3-5 “updates” per week. These posts can also either be written by volunteer authors or the Editor. They are short and typically include only one link.
Special coverage: In times of emergency, posting as much as possible, as soon as possible, as needed.

Interested candidates please send CV and Letter of Interest explaining why you'd be a good candidate for the job to:

We will be accepting applications through October 15, 2012.

See our vacancies page for other current opportunities with Global Voices.

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