Saturday, June 23, 2012

ART: Workshop In Performing Art - with Ali Hasanov

Ali HasanovAli Hasanov, born in 1976 in Baku, is an Azerbaijani artist, musician and filmmaker, participant of a number of art projects in Azerbaijan and abroad. He is the pioneer performance artist in Azerbaijan and he is recognized for his contribution to the development of performance art in Azerbaijan. Ali represented Azerbaijan at the 52nd Venice Biennale.

He is also the founder and leader of a musical collective called PG Large Used Project.

Ali Hasanov remains active in various genres such as visual and performance art, video and sound installations, painting and drawing.

On 26.06.2012 / 11.00–1700 will take place his workshop in performing art. For participation please contact us at the end of presentation.

V.Chabukiani Tbilisi Ballet art state school
Adress: 1 v. Vekua st. (at Kolmaurneoba square) Tbilisi

Discipline: Performing art
Subject: Myth and reality

Resurrected person, where neither your trace, nor the illusion of feelings speaks instead of you but – the feelings itself. Whether the dialogue takes place or not it depends exactly on this. 

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