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DOKFILM FESTIVAL: The Machine Which Makes Everything Disappear. A film by Tinatin Gurchiani - in Leipzig (

Auf Dok Leipzig:
CINESTAR 5, 01.11.2012, 20:00
CINESTAR 7, 03.11.2012, 10:30




Produzent: Tamar Gurchiani, Alethea Ltd
Regisseur: Tinatin Gurchiani
Musik: Mahan Mobashery, Marian Mentrup
Kamera: Andreas Bergmann
Schnitt: Nari Kim, Doreen Ignaszewski
Buch: Tinatin Gurchiani
Ton: Marian Mentrup, Michael Krajczok



( The Film is about a search for identity and sense of life in nowadays Georgia, which is a combination of the Soviet past and a modern state.

A film director returns to her home country after a long break. She wants to shoot a film and is in search for a main character – a present time hero. She announces a casting among 15-23 year old youngsters in order to find him. An announcement regarding casting for selection of a film actor is made through TV and social network channels Search for the hero takes place at different locations: villages and the cities, mountains and plains, prison, IDP shelter, fields and upscale clubs. There are a lot of people who come to the casting on their own. They all have different motivation: some are interested in becoming part of a film, some want to be like Jean-Claude Van Damme, the others are ready to share their sentimental stories or seek for strength to carry out their major resolutions, Some of the guests laugh, some go away disappointed, just try to make a good impression, tell us about their unrealized dreams, real heroes. Those who prove to be interesting enough are followed through various dramatic situations. For example, at a boarding school of a mountainous region and wedding of local Moslems, or in an abandoned city of coal miners, settlement of internally displaced persons in a province or in a modern district of the capital. Very often encounters are comic, melancholic or full of unpredictable things and tragic events. Casting moves from place to place and presents a clear and moving portrayal of a new generation, which lives at the crossroads of cultures, information, times and locations and vainly looks for his own self in the realm of metamorphosis and cataclysms in Georgia and as well as beyond its borders. It provides us with kaleidoscopic picture of new generation with human faces. Each participant of the casting is very different from the others based on their stories, geographic, religious or social backgrounds.

Casting and search for the hero is a part, which will unites the film structure Despite the fact that protagonists are portrayed in the film only through their monologues or dramartic story telling, they produce very sharp, “naked” and authentic images. They tell about the experienced wars, powerty and happiness – major moments of their lives. Some of them establish a strong presence through their monologues, the others are followed through their stories without any comment.

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Tamar Gurchiani /GE/
1992 – 1997 Oriental Studies, Hebrew and Aramaic Philology, Tbilisi Djavakhishvili State University Tbilisi and Albert-Ludwig University Freiburg (1995-1997); 1997 – 2001 PhD at the Tbilisi Djavakhishvili State University and Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg; 2005 – 2006 Cultural Manager of the Robert Bosch Foundation at Filmhaus Nuernberg (in the program “Cultural managers from Central and Eastern Europe”); 2003 – 2005 Program Coordinator of the SDC training programe for South Caucasus Film Community – AVANTI (; 2006 – 2009 Open Society Georgia Foundation and Heinrich Boell Foundation South Caucasus, coordinator of the South Caucasus Documentary Film Festival of Peace and Human Rights “Nationality: human”; April 2009 – current Program Director and founding member of Alethea – Cultural and Event Management Ltd (; Since January 2011 Cultural program manager and Robert Bosch Foundation’s cultural manager at Europe House Georgia, 1, Freedom Square, Tbilisi (

“Sxvagan-Away” , feature film, 65 min, 2011, Georgia/Germany
“Machine, That Makes Everything Dissapear”, in Postproduktion, 2012, Georgia

Tinatin Gurchiani /GE/
After diploma with Honors at the Ivane-Janakhishvili Tbilisi State University and a postgraduate study at the Faculty of Psychology at Albert-Ludwig University Freiburg/Germany and the University of Graz, Austria

A study of Film and TV Director at the Film and Television University Konrad Wolf (HFF), Babelsberg, Germany (Diploma with Honors 2009).

2011 – Nominee for First Steps Award 2011 for “Sxvagan-Away” in the Category “Middle-Length- Feature Film” by German Fim Academy
Winner of the National Film Support Fund for a Documentary about young generation in Georgia „Machine, That Makes Everything Disappear”
2011 – Winner of the Goethe Institute Tbilisi fund for a documentary about young generation
„Machine, That Makes Everything Disappear”
Winner of the Robert Bosch Competition „Border Crossers“
Winner of Competition „Best Documentary about Alzheimer Disease“ for „Time of Souls“ (2008)
Winner DAAD-Award 2007 for Artistic and Social Engagement in Film of Go-East
Festival 2007 for “Frauenbilder”, also Official Selection DOK Leipzig

“Sunday”, Documentary, 16 mm, 30 min, 2004, Germany
“Somewhere Nowhere”, Feature film, Video, 15 min., 2004, Germany
“Moment”, Feature film, 16 mm, 15 min, 2005, Germany
“Killers”, Feature film, video, 2006, Germany
“Iranian Women”, Documentary, Video, 15 min., 2007, Germany/Iran
“Time of Souls”, Documentary, Video, 35 min.,2008, Germany
“Sxvagan-Away”, Feature film, 65 min, 2011, Georgia/Germany
“Machine, That Makes Everything Dissapear”, Documentary, 90 min, in Postproduktion, 2012

Doreen Ignaszewski /DE/ & Nari Kim /DE/
Nari Kim was born in 1982, South Korea, decided to live in Germany at the age of twenty and began to work in german film and television field with being “lost in translation”. In 2011 graduated with a degree Diplom Schnittmeisterin in Montage at University of Film and Television “Konrad Wolf” Potsdam-Babelsberg. In 2010, edited her first feature film “Away”. Since 2005 working as a freelance editor in Berlin and Seoul. She also directed several short films and experimental videos. “Machine, That Makes Everything Dissapear” is her third film with Tinatin Gurchiani.

Alethea Ltd.
9, Barnoff street
0179 Tbilisi

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