Wednesday, October 24, 2012

CALL FOR SUPPORT: THE PURPLE JESTER Uta Bekaia summer/spring 2013 by Paata U Bekaia

( Re-imagining medieval fashion aesthetics through a contemporary utopian lens to create a unique new form of performance art.

Hello! My name is Uta Bekaia, I am an artist who has been actively working in experimental fashion for over 15 years.

My forthcoming collaborative project THE PURPLE JESTER will continue my exploration of the concept of living art-wear. This cross-media fashion and performance art project is inspired by medieval European art, to create a futuristic vision of the art of Hieronymus Bosch. Our presentation will transform historic design concepts with contemporary materials and processes, including production techniques that employ recycled textiles, presented in an interactive, multi-media live performance environment.
Along with the interdisciplinary art studio Ideal Glass located in downtown New York, we are in production for THE PURPLE JESTER, which will premier at Tblisi Fashion Week, and will also be presented in 2013 at Toronto Fashion and Art Week and at the Williamsburg Fashion Weekend in Brooklyn, NY.
We are currently seeking funds to pay for production and travel expenses for these three presentations. Funds are needed to pay staff for the making of both the ten costume pieces themselves, and the accompanying media for the live performance, which includes original music and video.

Travel funds for the show's two out of town destinations in Tbilsi, Georgia and Toronto, Canada, are also needed. We thank you so much for your support! Uta Bekaia

The biggest challenge will to find the right staff and talent. to prepare the ten costumes. 
We need to find people of great talent who can sew, embroider and emboss. We will try to use medieval techniques of costume construction as much as possible, so we can achieve the look of old style execution with ultra contemporary fashion design. 
This will require a huge amount of handy work and time. 
Another challenge will be finding musicians with knowledge of medieval musical instruments. 


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