Tuesday, October 30, 2012

VIDEO: Kampolina - (Gogi Dzodzuashvli, Post Industrial Boys) (youtube.com)

Post Industrial Boys is the debut album by Gogi Ge.Org aka George Dzodzuashvili. Seven different voices are found on Post Industrial Boys. All share an affinity to Goslab, a group of artists from Tbilisi, Georgia (including TBA/Natalie Beridze, Nikakoi, Gio + Maya Sumbadze...). Goslab is a phantom, which manifests itself as a culture through the performances of individual members and their various projects. In this sense, Goslab is somewhat like Georgia. Georgia is a post-communist phantom -- a pipeline in Off-Europe. A projection screen. There is a 5-hour time difference between London and Tbilisi. Tbilisi starts singing while America and Western Europe are still asleep. Post-industrial: The fifth Kondratieff wave will see the transition from hardware to software. Marx is on the finish line, somewhere between the greater and smaller Caucasus. Oil is entropy, ashes. 'Reproduction of what cannot be transformed' (Paul Valéry). Survival in global capitalism. Post-industrial joys. Streams. Sounds."

Label: Max Ernst
Catalog#: max.E.-CD7
Format: CD
Country: Germany
Released: 2004
Genre: Electronic
Style: Leftfield, Experimental

Video: Director: Nino Tavartkiladze, (the music video for "Yellow Shark" project, NYFA) DP Allan Fiterman.
Cast Theresa Wayman, John Black.

Lyrics By [Invented Words], Vocals -- Nino Palavandishvili

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