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TRAVEL: The Rooms Hotel in Kazbegi, Georgia (

( published in: Travel By Tina Komninou, 24 October 2012 

photos © Irakli Bluishvili 

There are certain idyllic locations around the world that simply remain as an ideal of a dream to visit in person and see these wonders up close. However, the beauty of architecture & design is that they sometimes make the visit closer to reality with the creation of one more reason to entice you to realize your dream. One such realization is the Rooms Hotel located in the magical Caucasus Mountains in Kazbegi, Georgia.
The complete creation of this hotel was achieved by Georgian Designers Nata Janberidze & Keti Toloraia. Founders of their company Rooms in 2003 which specialize in Interior and Product Design, they took the decision to mark their identity with this spectacular addition to their brand.  This year the hotel opened its doors and put the Caucasus Mountains on the map for a completely new audience. 

Looking at this former soviet Tourist Center’s building exterior structure and cladding, it is obvious that it has been designed based on the surrounding environment. If you observe the exterior from a distance, at a particular angle, you read the mountaintops as the building’s roof design. The façade is decorated with wood & metal partitions dividing the rooms and balconies while creating vertical and horizontal lines, which give the entire building a simple, geometric look. The exact same concept is perceived in the tones and the shapes of the structure. These features both organically compliment the great outdoors and we can dare say that this building adds to the beauty of the landscape. The presence of the specific wood finish on such a green environment is breathtakingly dynamic and inviting. The effect of a mountain lodge in a mod structure is perceived with great success.

Indoors, the portrayal of this ideology was of equal importance. The use of natural materials in the interior retains the 'mountain hotel' style environment, providing maximum comfort where guests feel the complete leisure and relaxation of the surroundings.  Large open spaces decorated with lounging sofas, armchairs, bookshelves, carpets and mountain accessories while taking advantage of the great views by the large glazing’s, is all that you need for a recipe of success.  The sole materials used are wood, steel & brick retaining a continuity and simplicity throughout the interior and giving focus to detailing as opposed to finishes. A design philosophy which you know that we strongly believe in.

Simply put, the Rooms Hotel is not just a destination, it is a successful determination.

sources: Rooms Hotel

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