Wednesday, October 24, 2012

STORY: Barnoff – Fashion for the Free and Open-Minded (

( Barnoff: Designed with women in mind.


Barnoff was founded by Tamara Barnoff in 2004 in Budapest, Hungary. Perpetuating her unique style and attitude to life in her creations, Tamara marks a new direction in designing. Under the label Barnoff she designs and creates prêt-à-porter collections for women and men, haute couture collections, shoes, accessories and eyewear. The quintessential artist, Tamara works in fashion, film and theatre. Barnoff transcends generations as Tamara creates clothing and accessories for all ages. It is for those with rebellious spirits who are not afraid to be different, not afraid of change, free and open.

Tamara was born in Tbilisi, Georgia in 1975. She started designing at the age of 15, moved to Budapest with her daughter in 2004 – they work together today. The designer promises perpetuating change, continuous renewal, because everything changes like life and the nature itself.

Tamara likes to tell tales and stories with her collections. For example her latest haute couture collection was inspired by the Hungarian women and the redefinition of the Matyo motifs. The butterfly-like flowers feel & seem as light as air, the beauty of silk, and the spring shades take us to an honest and mystical world full of emotions. ”This is how I see Hungarian women, and I try to bring to the surface what is hidden inside: femininity, sensuality, acceptance, and love. This way, the woman becomes more vulnerable but beautiful at the same time,” says Tamara.

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Monika said...

Thank you very much for re-blogging my post from about Tamara Barnoff and her label.

She indeed has an amazing style - and personally I am in love with her boots, too :)

Best wishes, Monika