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PRODUCTION: Georgian doc See You in Chechnya in Production. By Lulia Blaga (filmneweurope.com)

(filmneweurope.com) JIHLAVA: Georgian director/producer Alexander Kvatashidze is in production with a feature documentary on war correspondents. The film will be a Georgian-Dutch-Estonian-French coproduction.
Alexander Kvatashidze wants to tell the story starting from his observations since he himself went to war in 1999. "As a storyteller and maybe as a character I am telling my personal experience of war and then I am continuing with the stories of other people, war reporters whom I met and became friends with", Kvatashidze told FNE. He has traced his characters' stories over the past 13 years. "It was a long process, but since it is part of my life it was easy for me to handle it".

PRODUCTION: Georgian doc See You in Chechnya in Production
See You in Chechnya, director/producer Alexander Kvatashidze
Kvatashidze developed the story through his Georgian company Lokokina Studio (www.lokokina.com) until 2011 when coproducers started to come on board: Rolf Orthel and the Dutch DNU Film, Eeero Talvistu and the Estonian Exitfilm (www.exitfilm.ee), and very recently Juliette Cazanave and the French Kepler 22 Production.

The budget will be between 150,000 and 200,000 EUR. The film is already in the production phase although not all the budget is in place. "I already managed to invest in processing equipment and in setting up the production on my own, and also I managed to commission a research phase and a couple of shooting expeditions. The project received 20,000 EUR start up money from Georgian National Film Center (gnfc.ge)", Kvatashidze also told FNE. This is the only grant the project has so far.

The project is participating in Ex Oriente 2012 workshop, organised by the Institute of Documentary Film (IDF, www.dokweb.net), whose second round took place during Jihlava Documentary International Film Festival (www.festival-dokument.cz) The premiere is scheduled for the end of 2013.

Production Information
Lokokina Studio
42/2 Nutsubidze Street, Apt #5
Tbilisi. 0177, Georgia
Phone: +995 577 42 45 77

DNU Film
J.M. Coenenstraat 6 K 1071
WG Amsterdam, KVK: 143043
Phone: 020-4229469

1 Madala street, 10313
Tallinn, Estonia
Phone: +372 6611 005
Fax: +372 6604 121

Juliette Cazanave
Kepler 22 Production
61 rue de Belleville
75019 Paris
Phone: +336 64 49 46 34

Director: Alexander Kvatashidze
DOP: Alexander Kvatashidze

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